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Why It's Important to Use a Corporate Email Address?

Your email address serves as your login to our system. Today, such a scheme is used in many SaaS services and is a common practice. It is crucial to verify the legitimacy of your address, and here's why!

Your login is not only used when accessing the system but is also displayed in agents and invitations for your clients whom you serve. For example, in these places:

To assure both your clients and our security service that a genuine representative of your company is operating behind your account, the simplest way is to use an email address within the domain of your corporate website. This is sufficient for both us and your clients.

Which Addresses Are Considered Corporate, and Which Are Not?

In most cases, addresses on domains associated with your website and services that interact with your clients can be considered corporate. For instance, addresses like or

Addresses on domains such as,,, and other free or anonymous email services cannot be considered corporate. Such addresses are deemed untrusted and raise suspicions during verification.

When Does Email Verification Occur?

Email verification occurs for various reasons and at different times. The most common cases include:

  1. Situations when you request features where the security of the connected clients is crucial. Such situations might include using a branded version or requesting a trial.

  2. When there are suspicions or the detection of fraudulent activities.

  3. During automatic detection of abnormal activity on your account.

How to Change Your Email Address?

It's best to register your account with a corporate email address right from the start. However, if your account already exists, you can change the address on the profile page. Avoid changing it too frequently, as our internal monitoring system may flag such activity as suspicious.