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We are thrilled to announce that continues to lead the way in Remote Desktop and Remote Support as highlighted in the recent G2 Winter 2024 Report. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has earned us prestigious recognitions:

  • Acknowledged as a Momentum Leader in Winter 2024
  • Recognized as a High Performer for Mid-Market and Small-Business in the winter of 2024
  • Valued as the Best Usability Product in Summer and Fall 2023
  • Named the Most Implementable Product for Small Businesses in Summer 2023

While is relatively new in the remote desktop and support solutions market, the company has already been acknowledged as a top performer in these areas by G2, a highly reputable business review platform.

With the rise of remote work and the increasing demand for efficient IT support, getting reliable remote desktop and support solutions has become crucial for businesses. This is where comes in, offering a robust and user-friendly platform to help teams collaborate and troubleshoot technical issues remotely.

G2 Grid® for Remote Desktop

The G2 Grid® Report gives customers insights into their competition and performance in a specific product category. It showcases products exceeding industry growth by offering innovative solutions for evolving user needs. is honored as a Winter 2024 Momentum Leader.

The Momentum Grid® identifies high-growth products based on user satisfaction, employee growth, and digital presence. Assessing products on the Momentum Grid® keeps you informed about market-leading products.

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Remote Desktop Solutions's remote desktop solution allows users to access their work computer from anywhere, using any device with an internet connection. This enables seamless collaboration and productivity, especially in today's hybrid work environment.

The G2 Winter 2024 Report recognizes as a leader in the Remote Desktop category, with high customer satisfaction ratings and strong market presence. The platform offers secure remote access, multi-monitor support, file transfer capabilities, and customizable user permissions.

Remote Support Solutions

In addition to remote desktop solutions, also offers top-notch remote support solutions for businesses of all sizes. The platform enables IT teams to provide efficient and timely assistance to users facing technical issues, regardless of their location. has been named a leader in the Remote Support category by G2 for the Winter 2024 Report. This is due to its advanced features such as remote control, chat support, session recording, and screen sharing capabilities.

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