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2024 Q1 News Report

It's been a while since we last shared updates about our product. Here's a concise quarterly digest to catch you up on the latest updates and new features that have been added to our product.

New Business Registration & Trial

We've refined the registration process for new users and introduced a new 14-day trial period, which is available absolutely for free. To activate your trial with advanced remote access features designed for businesses choose the option to sign up either as a business user.

More Integrations

Enhanced the range of potential integrations available with our browser-based remote access service, including:

What other product updates do we have?

  • Bulk deletion of agents from the directory in the dashboard
  • Exporting a comments when exporting the history of your connections
  • Protection against HTML injection in chat and in session comments
  • Support for multiple video recording servers
  • Expanded filters in the sessions log journal
  • Fixed errors in the console when using Firefox browser and JS errors when working in Brave browser
  • Fixed cache disabling when modifying or renewing the current license

Enhancements Across Our Suite of Agents

In our ongoing mission to deliver top-notch, user-friendly remote access solutions, we're excited to announce updates and fixes for all our agents, including Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux. These enhancements aim to simplify connectivity, boost security, and elevate performance, providing an unmatched remote access experience

What other product updates do we have?

Windows Agent

See full changelog here

What's new:

The first quarter of 2024 saw several updates including the indication of active connection on the agent, auto translation for multiple monitors, expanded logging in the agent's log, custom port configuration for RDP connections, and support for connections via code.

Also several fixes were resolved:

  • Connection to licensed Windows RDP servers
  • Added extended logs when choosing a monitor
  • Auto-login
  • Blurred image during simultaneous connection
  • Working with two monitors in 10-bit mode
  • Connection via RDP to Windows Server 2008R2
  • Some actions not working when connected via RDP
  • Special characters not working in permanent access password
  • Incorrect termination of RDP session
  • GUI stoppage when switching users
  • Downloading files from the agent card in the personal account

Android Agent

See full changelog here

  • Improved video transmission speed
  • Stability improvements
  • Support for Android 14
  • Improved TURN server selection
  • Support for x86/x64 (Chrome OS) returned in Google Play version

Mac Agent

See full changelog here

  • Added support for screen frame indication of active connection
  • Fixed support for working on OSX 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • Improved TURN server selection
  • Improved explanations issuance and reactivation of rights for screen capture and computer control

Linux Agent

See full changelog here

  • Add indication of active connection
  • Fixed an error leading to the agent crash when reconnecting the visor
  • Fixed an error displaying recent sessions
  • Added translations for the dialog description of switching to X11 from Wayland
  • Added the command -unregister to unlink from the account

These updates are part of our commitment to providing secure, efficient, and reliable remote access solutions for professionals and businesses worldwide. We believe these enhancements will significantly benefit our users, allowing for smoother operations and a more seamless connection experience across various platforms.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and improve our offerings. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner in remote access solutions.