Best Google Chrome Extensions For Remote Work

Remote work has become increasingly popular in the last few years. One of the reasons for its growing popularity is that it offers a more flexible work environment for both employers and employees. But there are disadvantages to working remotely, most notably the difficulty of teamwork and reduced productivity. Google extensions are one of the ways you can use to stay connected with your team while working remotely. Here are a few chrome extensions that can come in handy if you’re working remotely.

Useful Chrome Plugins For Everyday Work

Chrome apps that we are going to talk about are the ones that make it easier for you to work remotely. They will help you be more productive and stay organized, which will make your life a whole lot easier. I’ve compiled a list of the best chrome extensions for remote work, so stay tuned.


Remote control extension which allows you to connect to other devices directly from your browser. You can connect remotely to your office computer, support friends and colleagues remotely, and share files. Google remote desktop extension Getscreen helps to further optimize the connection process and make it as quick and convenient as possible. Permanent access and fast customer support is available.


One of the best ad blocker among chrome plugins. AdGuard is even better at blocking content than the well-known AdBlock. It is a lightweight ad-blocking add-on that protects users from being tracked with sensitive data. 

Intrusive advertisements are always distracting, so it is important to install a such extension. AdGuard has a large list of ad filters enabled by default. You can add your own if you wish. You can also create a whitelist of resources on which ads will remain even with the extension switched on. 

AdGuard also prevents scripts from interfering with the ad blocker. No matter what tricks site administrators try, AdGuard will still remove ads.


Papier turns a new tab in your browser into a notepad-like experience that supports Markdown formatting. The extension allows you to quickly jot down new ideas directly in Chrome without switching to a separate app.

1Password X

The browser version of the most secure and convenient password manager couldn’t fail to make the list of the best extensions for Google Chrome. 1Password X fully replicates the functionality of the desktop and mobile apps of the same name. 

Using the add-in, stored passwords and bank card details can be automatically substituted into the relevant web forms. New passwords can be generated when registering accounts. It also checks that the passwords used have not been compromised.


Are social media distracting you from your work? We recommend choosing a browser add-on in the chrome google store that can influence your habits. HabitLab aims to optimise your workflow and reduce your time on social media. You can block yourself from watching YouTube videos for more than an hour a day or responding to Facebook messages for more than 30 minutes a day.


The best extension for Google Chrome according to paranoiacs. Blur hides all sensitive information from prying eyes. Prevents third-party resources from observing you from the sidelines and collecting private data for tracking and ad customization.

Better History

Better History from the Google extension store extends the built-in history window and adds a horizontal slider that allows you to navigate to specific dates in your browsing history. Sites can be drastically narrowed down to a specific day and hour. 

Better History also improves the built-in search so that you can search not only by site name, but also by the content those sites contained. This will certainly help you track down a forgotten page.

Postlight Reader

Google Chrome still doesn’t have a reading mode, so you have to look for alternative solutions that add this feature to the browser. One such solution is the Mercury Reader add-on, which turns any page with lots of ads and unnecessary content into a pleasant read with nice fonts and no distractions.

Postlight Reader launches on almost any page by pressing the Control/Command + Esc key combination. Immediately after pressing it, the open article will turn into a book page without banners or specific fonts. The visual aspect of the text can be customized to your liking by changing the text style, incorporating a dark theme or changing the size of the letters.


One of the best Google Chrome extension for those who often open a few dozen tabs and try to manage them. OneTab puts all your open tabs on a single page in chronological order. This page clearly shows website names, icons, and other details to help you navigate and open the links you want. 

OneTab allows you to close all active tabs that you keep open because you may need them at any time. You can close them in a single click, but still keep a list of closed tabs in a separate OneTab window.


One of the most popular task managers for computers and mobile devices can be docked directly into your browser. The convenience of this extension lies in the integration of the task list into the Google Chrome dashboard. There’s no need to open the official Todoist website or launch the app every time to create a task, complete an existing task, or simply check your to-do list. This is not a complete list of the best Google Chrome extensions, but some of the most common and useful. Use them in your remote work and you will see much more effective results!