Black Screen For Remote Desktop: How To Connect Safely

Сomputer black screen may not always indicate that the computer is broken or that some important settings have been disabled. The term black screen also refers to a confidential remote connection mode, during which it is impossible to track what is happening on the computer screen.

When To Turn On a Black Screen

Black screen remote desktop mode is useful to set up in several cases. For example, if you often connect from home to your office computer. You have colleagues sitting in your office and you don’t want them to see what you are doing on your computer. Then your remote connection session will be in remote desktop connection black screen mode and you can work in privacy. In addition, you can set up a wake on lan to connect remotely to a switched off device.

Black screen mode is also used to remotely connect and configure various advertising stands, and screens in banks, hospitals and other public institutions. This makes all necessary settings secure and minimizes data leakage.

How To Set Up a Black Screen Mode

If you haven’t yet chosen remote access software, be sure to pay attention to whether the software has the ability to set up remote access when looking at the features. It is configured differently for all services, the main thing on the selected rate was the available black screen. On some services black screen mode works only in Windows. Let’s talk about setting up a black screen during remote access using the Getscreen software.

This function is available at all rate except Free. To enable black screen on remote PC, you need to check the box in the agent program settings that allows black screen.

At the moment, the black screen only works on Windows 10. Then select the screen icon in the connection panel and click on it. 
On the remote computer itself, the screen will be completely black and no one else can see what you are doing while you are connecting. This is the main function of black screen mode, which makes remote connection comfortable and safe.