How To Connect Remotely To a Turned-Off Computer With Setup Wake on LAN

Remote access allows you to connect to any device at a distance. But in order to do so, it is essential that the computer is turned on. How do I connect to a remote desktop connection if my computer is turned off and I can’t turn it on right now? The Wake on LAN technology allows to do this — let’s find out what it is and how to set it up correctly.

Help Your Device Wake Up On LAN

The WOL function is used to remotely wake up and shut down computers or devices that are in hibernation mode. This technology is often used by system administrators and other technicians involved in repairing computer equipment. But sometimes it is also useful for ordinary users, especially those who work remotely and use remote access.

Wake on Lan command is triggered from the computer’s motherboard by sending a special signal, also called a magic packet, through the local network. So if you don’t know how to remotely access another computer that is turned off, set up wake on lan and you can wake up the remote device at any time.

How To Set Up Wake on LAN

Before you start setting up WOL, make sure that your computer’s motherboard and network adapter support this feature. Most modern devices have it. In order for you to be able to wake up a remote computer, the magic packet must be configured on it. This is important to do before remotely logging into a computer that is turned off or in hibernation mode.

Wake On LAN Windows 10

Here is an example of how to set up Wake on Lan on Windows. Go to the BIOS interface of your computer. Enable WoL-related BIOS settings. Refer to your motherboard user’s manual to do this. The name may be different on different boards, here are a few titles:

  • Power On By Onboard LAN;
  • Remote Wake Up; 
  • Wake On LAN; 
  • Aggressive Link;
  • Power On By PME Device.

Next, you need to configure the network card. To do this, go to the Windows settings and start the “Device Manager”. Under “Network adapters”, select the adapter with an Ethernet cable. Click on it, select Wake on Magic Packet in the window that appears, and set it to Enabled. 

Then go to Power and allow the computer to wake up from Standby mode using Magic Packet. Now let’s break down how to connect remote desktop Windows 10 using WOL. 

How To Use Remote Desktop On Turned Off PC

In order to connect to a remote computer, you need a remote access service. It is essential that it supports WOL technology. Let’s take the WOL setup as an example of the Getscreen remote access program

Add the computer you want to your personal cabinet using Permanent Access. If the remote computer is turned off, you can wake it by pressing the corresponding button. The server will send a Magic Pocket command to your computer and if you have pre-configured everything, it will appear on the network. 

Wake On Lan Router Settings  

If you are using a dedicated IP address or router — you can use the wake on LAN port. To do this, in your Getscreen account, go to your computer card and select Wake-on-Lan. Then enter your router address and port. 

We hope you learned in this article how to use a remote desktop to connect to a remote computer using Wake On Lan.