How To Control Android Remotely

Remote access solutions make remote work more efficient and secure by allowing employees to access their work computers securely over the internet. This helps reduce IT costs as well as improve employee productivity as they are able to access their systems from anywhere in the world.

Phone remote access also becoming more and more relevant — for example, if you need to connect to your work computer on vacation or a business trip. So if you are just choosing a remote access program pay attention to the fact that it allows you to control phone remotely.

What Is Needed For Remote Control Android Phone?

In order for you to be able to control your smartphone remotely, you need a program that supports this OS. Today, almost all remote access programs allow you to connect to Android and iOS phones. It is also important to consider how to make remote access secure, because today a lot of fraudsters use such programs.  

The best way to disassemble the ways of remote control android phone on the example of a specific program. In this manual, we will describe how to control your Android with help of remote access software. 

How To Control PC From Android

In general, there are several ways to control your PC using a mobile device For example, you can control Android device with Wi-Fi, special applications and, of course, with the help of USB. But all of these methods are relevant only if you are near a computer. But what if you went on vacation but didn’t take your laptop with you and you urgently need to do something for work?

To do this, register on the and download the agent program to your desktop computer. In order for the computer to be available, it must be turned on. Bind your account and give access to keep your computer in permanent access.

After that, your work computer will always be available in the user’s personal cabinet.

When you need to connect from your phone to your work computer, do the following simple steps:

  • Go to from your phone 
  • Log in with your account
  • Go to your personal account and see your computer there

After that you only need to connect to it and do all the necessary work. To learn more about how to control your PC from your phone, see this video from Website Learners

Remotely Control Android Phone From Another Phone

Now let’s talk about what you need to do to connect from one smartphone to another, for example, if you want to share your screen or download the necessary files.
First, download agent from Google Play to both phones. Then send a quick link via messenger, Facebook or email to the phone of the user you want to give access to.

As soon as the user on the other side clicks on the link, he will get access to your smartphone.