How To Control Your PC From a Mobile Device

Remote access software has made remote work much more convenient. With the help of this service, employees can work from any place and at any time. And what if you need to solve a work task urgently, but you can’t connect to a computer? For example, you are traveling and only have your cell phone with you. There are several ways to connect to a computer using a mobile device. 

Control PC From Phone On Wi-Fi

If you need to access folders on your computer, which has a Wi-Fi adapter for network hosting — you can easily do it with the File Manager app, which allows you to use remote control android. With this tool, we can connect the cell phone to the PC via Wi-Fi and access shared folders.

But this method will only work if Windows is already preconfigured to connect to the computer via Wi-Fi.

Control Phone Remotely With Connectify

If our computer does not have a Wi-Fi adapter, the connection will not be possible. You can use the Connectify app to set up a W-Fi hotspot and connect to your computer from your smartphone. Simply download the Connectify Hotspot app from the official website and follow the instructions.

Control PC With Wired Connection

This method is only relevant if your computer is nearby, but you for some reason do not have internet. In order to connect to your computer with your smartphone and download or upload the necessary files — just connect the charger wire to the USB and allow data transfer. 

Remote Control Computer With Phone

The easiest and most effective way to connect to a remote computer using a mobile device is to install a remote access program. This will allow you to connect to your computer from anywhere without the need for additional settings. All you have to do is install the agent software on your computer and phone and set up constant access. 

With the remote access program, you can connect to your work computer and do the following: 

  • log in to the desktop and perform all necessary actions;
  • download and upload files;
  • access the sites you want to visit;
  • take screenshots and record a remote session;
  • make calls to a remote operator.

In addition, you can set up remote controlling android phones from another phone — just send a quick link to another person. He clicks on it and gets access to your smartphone screen. This is especially useful when you want to clearly show what settings need to be made for certain actions or to demonstrate the capabilities of a particular program.