How To Make Remote Access Secure?

Nowadays remote access is an essential tool for doing business. The remote desktop connection allows to solve urgent tasks, helps a new employee configure the equipment, and correct any technical errors. 

The remote connect feature became especially popular during the pandemic when many office workers switched to distance work. The remote desktop software allows you to collaborate effectively with the rest of your team and get work done from any location, including connecting from home to your office computer. 

Why Is Remote Access Security So Important?

The modern virtual world is not much different from reality, so it is also very important to follow safety rules and protect your personal data online. This is especially true for remote access software.  While connecting, you give full access to your computer and the data it contains, so securing remote network access is very important. 

Of course, experienced users are aware of these rules and when choosing a service, pay attention not only to its technical characteristics and options but also to the protection and secure remote control. But people with a lack of technical knowledge may not attach as much importance to the security of the connection and then they can become victims of scammers. 
Fraudsters can trick inexperienced users into installing remote access software and taking possession of all their personal data. Moreover, experienced hackers can hack into such services and use them for their own purposes. So before you download remote desktop software, take a good look at the protection it has and what the developers have done to secure users.

What Security Features a Remote Desktop Should Have

There are two main risks to your PC’s security to consider when connecting remotely: tracking and file transfer. It is these two actions that should be protected as much as possible, as they are most susceptible to hacking. To make this connection as secure as possible, you can use a remote access VPN to encrypt all data that is transmitted between your device and the target server located in the network. 

No matter how secure and reliable you think your computer may be, there is always a chance that someone else could remotely connect to it and use it for their own purposes.  That’s why cybersecurity and data encryption should always be a concern when it comes to remote connections to a computer. 

Therefore, it is very important that the security system of the remote access program is protected against unauthorized connections and can detect and prevent them in time. Here are the basic criteria for secure remote desktop access that you should pay attention to when choosing a service:

  • Data Encryption. All video images and commands transmitted during remote device access must be securely encrypted with a special algorithm. 
  • Files Installation. It is desirable that the service performs the connection without the need to install additional programs. Ideally, if the connection is made directly through the browser – this will protect the operator from reverse access.
  • Override Protection. Intelligent algorithms allow you to detect and block the possibility of brute-force passwords. 
  • Fast Links. One-time connection links with a minimum lifetime (no more than 1-2 minutes) limit the possibility of an unauthorized user connecting to your computer. 
  • Session Recording. The ability to record each connection to the remote desktop connection protects the operator and the client from illegal actions. In case of suspicion, the connection record can be reviewed. 
  • Virus Scanning. Be sure to check every program for viruses, especially if you plan to install it on your computer. 
  • Multifactor Authentication. Every modern service has mandatory two-factor or multifactor authentication. Such verification allows you to reassure yourself during authorization and get additional protection.
  • Data Privacy. The remote access service must have all the necessary documentation (confidentiality rules, terms of use, etc.)
  • Support Service. It is very important that tech support operators are always available and can promptly respond to suspicious activity and help solve the problem. 
  • Own Servers. Open server access is not secure, so it is important that the software has its own servers. remote access solution has all these security features. When connected, the user will see the data of the operator, the logo, and the name of the company it represents. This allows you to minimize the risk of unauthorized remote access to company computers and provides transparency of connections, which is especially important for large companies with many employees and several system administrators on staff.