How To Record a Screen During a Remote Session

Screen recording is excellent for demonstration purposes and giving others access to programs without loading them up. Sometimes it is important to record a video during an online meeting so that you can review the recording of the session later and remember all the details. Screen recording software is usually used for this purpose. Some software has screen recording during a meeting built-in by default. 

You can also get screen recorder Windows using the F9 hotkey. There is also the possibility of recording the screen while remotely connecting to another computer. This is particularly important for tech support staff, system administrators, consultants, and others who work with remote clients. Remote session recording provides a secure connection, assists in the recovery of operator actions if required, and guarantees trusted remote access to computer procedures.

Configuring Remote Session

Many remote session recording software is available, so when choosing a remote desktop, look out for screen recorder functionality. There may also be restrictions on the storage of archived recordings, especially if you plan to connect to many devices.  Getscreen remote access software, for example, provides several gradations of video session storage, depending on rates: from 1Gb to 100Gb. In order to record a remote screen, you must start a remote session. Then press the REC button on the connection panel and record screen online. 

Remote Session Recording Tips

The recording of a remote session will continue for as long as necessary, just press the same button to end it. A recording is done in shadow mode, i.e. the hidden user will not see that the session is being recorded. But you can warn him about it to avoid misunderstandings. The operator can also set up automatic recording of remote sessions by default — this is especially useful for those who regularly connect to remote users and are interested in reporting their connections.

Once the screen recording is complete, it will be saved in the connection history, where you can always review it if you have any questions. 

It happens that after remotely connecting to a client, something breaks or the client feels that important information has been deleted from his computer and he may complain to you. In this case, you can show him the recording of the remote session and prove that you did not perform any unauthorized activities on his computer. You can also download the screen recording to your computer. 

During a remote connection, you can not only record a screen but also download files from the remote computer. All these features make remote access very convenient and indispensable when working remotely or providing technical support to customers.