Necessary Tools For Effective Work In a Remote Team

Remote work from home has become so common and in demand that in some companies going to the office is considered a business trip! But because remote work does not involve meetings in reality, working in a team may at first create specific difficulties and not be as effective. Therefore, it is essential to have remote collaboration tools. 

Work From Home Productivity Tools

Many companies are transferring their employees to part-time remote jobs, not only because of the pandemic but also because it is economically advantageous — no need to rent an office or spend the budget on various events, and other household expenses. In addition, when you can hire a specialist from anywhere in the world – it significantly streamlines the process of finding employees.

But working remotely has its own peculiarities, first of all, it concerns the organization of the work process and discipline. Not all specialists can be as productive working from home as they were while working in the office. Therefore, it is crucial for managers to provide their employees with the best collaboration tools for remote teams. 

This allows them to interact using technology that allows them to be in closer communication, similar to traditional office methods at close range, but still not face-to-face. Everybody knows about useful software for remote working such as Zoom, Slack, Trello, but we want to talk about relatively new and promising tools for remote teams.

Remote access:

One of the most necessary things in remote work is the ability to connect remotely to other devices. This is especially true for those who work in a hybrid schedule: they often have to connect from home to the office computer and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable remote access service for teamwork in advance. is one of the best browser-based remote access software. The service provides both permanent access to computers and quick support for one-time connections, such as sharing a screen or setting up a program. has all the necessary technical features that are important for remote connection:

  • file exchange;
  • recording connections;
  • chat and voice calls;
  • Wake-on-LAN;
  • full-screen mode;
  • ability to work in a team.

You can connect remotely either from your personal account or via a quick link. It’s enough to install and configure the agent once and you can connect to your remote computers at any time!

Corporate chat: Fleep

Another remote employee management software is an online messenger. There are quite a few of them, most of the names are known to everyone: Slack, Discord, Google Chat and others. If you need a cozy chat for a small company or project — look at Fleep. 

It combines messaging with built-in lightweight collaboration and video. Unlike its competitors, it works simultaneously across teams and organizations, which is great for freelancers. Fleep can also be used as a task organizer.

Management System: Teamwork

The software to manage remote employees can help synchronize team work and make it more productive. It allows you to set up project management, manage employee tasks, track working time and record reports. 

If you’re looking for a work and project management service that helps teams improve collaboration, visibility, and accountability — try Teamwork. It’s one of the most popular tools for remote work, although it’s also suitable for office-based work, as well as for owners who run the entire business themselves. 

Online calls: GoToMeeting

Regular video conferences and meetings are an integral part of project work. This is especially true for teams that work remotely because they do not have the opportunity to meet for tea in the office and discuss urgent matters. Therefore, among the collaboration tools for remote teams, it is imperative to have a service that allows you to conduct operational meetings, share the screen and invite remote team members. 

In addition to the well-known Zoom and Skype, we recommend trying GoToMeeting — a service designed specifically for remote teams. This program for remote work (app for remote work) offers screen sharing, and unlimited entries, it is fast to use and does not require downloading files.

Noise reduction: Krisp

Among the work from home tools it will be useful to have a service that suppresses extraneous noise during online calls. This is especially true for employees who have small children or whose neighbors are renovating. Krisp is an artificial intelligence-based noise reduction application that removes background noise and echoes during online calls in real-time. 
We have listed some of the best remote work platforms, but there are many more. Each team can find the most suitable services for coordinating the work on the project — modern technology is developing intensively and new tools and remote work management software are appearing.