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Summary Of The Year: What Important Features We Realised In 2022

This year is coming to an end and it’s time to summarize our activities. In this article, we would like to tell you about the most significant innovations and features that our team has implemented in 2022. It will be especially helpful for those who are new to our product and have not yet tried out all its features!

Instructions for connecting SAML SSO

Single-Sign On (SSO) technology simplifies employee access to the right tools and services and allows administrators to use advanced identity-based security. You can set up SSO for your employees using the Active Directory Federation System (ADFS). To do this, go to the Team section and select Single-Sign On:

Mass agent program deployment

Mass deployment is now available for the enterprise segment. Now you can perform a mass deployment of agents in Active Directory of your company using the MSI package or scripts for RMM (Remote Network Monitoring and Management) systems. You can use console commands to configure agents personally. Find the descriptions for the available commands in the window for adding devices in your personal account.

Windows desktop dashboard

The dashboard desktop application duplicates the functions of a personal account and makes long-term remote connections more comfortable. The application greatly facilitates the work of system administrators and technical support operators.