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Mass agent program deployment

Mass deployment is now available for the enterprise segment. Now you can perform a mass deployment of agents in Active Directory of your company using the MSI package or scripts for RMM (Remote Network Monitoring and Management) systems. You can use console commands to configure agents personally. Find the descriptions for the available commands in the window for adding devices in your personal account.

Windows desktop dashboard

The dashboard desktop application duplicates the functions of a personal account and makes long-term remote connections more comfortable. The application greatly facilitates the work of system administrators and technical support operators.

Desktop Dashboard for Windows

Now the remote connection is available not only via the browser but also via a desktop dashboard! Connecting within a desktop application allows intercepting and activating system shortcuts only on the remote computer. This dashboard will be especially useful for professional system administrators and technical support operators.

How to configure Wake-on-LAN?

Wake-on-LAN allows you to remotely turn on the computer by sending a special command via the local network. Controlled access to your device is not necessary - Wake-on-LAN allows waking up a remote computer without outside help.

Configuring the black screen mode

Connection privacy is often paramount during a remote access session. This is especially true for devices located in public areas or in open-plan offices. The screen dimming function allows you to hide your activity on a remote computer, so that outsiders are not able to see what you are working on.

What is CNAME and how to set it up

Setting up CNAME allows using your own domain for creating connection and invitation links with the help of the appropriate record in your domain's DNS server. This feature significantly increases the loyalty of your customers and is a must-have for medium and large businesses.