Remote Desktop In Telegram Messenger

Remote desktop access has become the new norm in our digital world. It allows to access computers and other devices from any location. There are different ways of remote access: some programs implement only desktop applications, others provide remote connection from a browser. Some developers make SaaS programs, others provide on-premise tools. There are also many integrations that can be added to existing remote desktops. One of the most popular and original integrations is the Telegram messenger app which is available in remote desktop.

Telegram Remote Access Integration

With Telegram integration remote access makes it as easy as possible. Through this feature, users are able to remotely control their PCs from anywhere in the world without any security concerns. 

Telegram remote access makes it ideal for businesses that need to access their work computers when on the go or even for home users who want to stay connected with their computers when away from home. If you regularly use the telegram messenger, you can set up important remote connection notifications right into it, have constant access to remote desktops and download files directly to the messenger.

How To Set Up a Telegram Remote Desktop?

If you want to use Telegram messenger for remote access, register or log in to Then go to your personal account and select Telegram integration in the settings. 

Then enter the phone number on which your account is registered in Telegram and connect the bot:

Special Telegram bot helps:

  • Connects you to your desktop
  • Creates invites for connecting to someone else’s desktop
  • Downloads files from your remote desktop

After you install Telegram bot in your messenger, you will receive the following message

Type /list if you want to see all your devices in permanent access. If you want to connect to another device — type /invite and send an invitation to remote user. List of other commands you can get after typing /help.

With help of Telegram app in remote desktop operator also can connect to his remote computers and download files from them. If the operator serves remote customers with quick support — he will receive notifications of the connection directly in his Telegram messenger.

The remote desktop integration with Telegram also eliminates the need for costly hardware installation or complicated setup procedures, making it a great option for businesses of all sizes.