What Is The Best Software For Entry Level Remote Job

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular, and every second student is looking for part-time remote jobs. But not all employers are willing to offer a novice specialist a remote job — so many try freelancing. According to statistics remote hiring jobs with the ability to work from home are constantly increasing and in the near future entry level remote jobs will be available to everyone regardless of their work experience.

If you are just beginning your journey as a specialist and dream to work remotely — do not immediately look for the best remote companies to work for. The likelihood that you will be immediately hired by Amazon or Google is low. It is better to try your hand at startups and small companies. And in order to be effective at your new workplace, here is a list of valuable programs for remote work.

Remote Work From Home Tools

Remote work allows performing duties from any convenient location: from home, a cafe, or a co-working room. But, of course, this does not mean that you can lie on the bed all day, relax and get paid for it. The main difference between working from home and working from the office is that you don’t have to see your boss and colleagues every day. Although you will still see them online. So let’s start with such programs.

Software For Online Meetings

Many remote companies use online meetings to communicate effectively and create the illusion of presence. The most popular programs for this are Zoom, Google Meet, and FreeConference Call. You better get acquainted with the settings of each of them, because it is impossible to predict which software for video conferencing will be used by your potential company. The main thing is to know how to turn on/off the camera and microphone, as well as how to connect to the call (usually by direct link).

Remote Access

Another important software for working from home is a remote access program. It allows you to connect to a computer from any location, provide technical assistance, install the necessary programs, download files and much more. 

There are a lot of programs for remote access, so before you install a remote desktop, find out what features are required in remote support software. If you don’t want to be bothered, use Getscreen.me, which gives you remote access directly from your browser. The program has a very simple interface and all the necessary functionality to connect remotely. 

Office Suite

Although a remote job does not require you to go to the office, you will still perform all the basic functions of an office worker. Therefore, it is very important to organize your work with documents in a timely manner. You should be able to exchange files, create and edit text documents, fill out tables and make presentations. The most popular office suite contains Google, most likely it is its functionality and will be used in your company.

Creativity Tools

Sometimes remote work is part of creativity, so it is important to know how to use several tools that will allow you to make a quality video or picture for social networks. For design, the most popular and convenient tool is of course Figma. But if you need to make a cool video for Instagram or YouTube – use cross-platform for making video Filmora

Services For Notes

In the process of work you will regularly have to take notes not to forget anything, and for this is unlikely to work with a standard paper notepad. It is better to use a cloud-based note-taking service such as OneNote or Notion. The simple and clear structure of the service will allow you and your colleagues to quickly find the notes you need among hundreds of others.

Time Control Tools

Since team members can work in different time zones, you need a tool that can help you find the most convenient time for working meetings and exchanging views. One such tool is the web service Worldtimebuddy. A very handy app with a time zone converter and an appointment planner. The carefully designed interface allows you to quickly compare multiple time zones and find the most convenient time to make a long-distance or international call, webinar or business trip. You can also use Hubstaff and Timely.

Project Management Systems

In the work of a remote team, especially for remote IT jobs is very important synchronization of action. Project management services such as Jell, Jira, and Proofhub help. You’ll definitely need a virtual team office where all team members can share daily plans, demonstrate achievements, and discuss problems and long-term goals. He will be the most difficult to deal with, so it is better to find out in advance what service is used by a potential employer and study it.

Task Manager

Task managers are good for quick errands, but not always suitable for managing complex workflows. For a more strategic approach to cases, programs like Asana are used. This service allows you to plan and structure the flow of tasks in many ways. Each employee has a clear view of his or her duties and deadlines. And the supervisor can easily track progress and observe the overall project picture.

This is just a small list of the best software for remote work, such programs are many, so to tell about all just impossible. But if you start working with a few of them, you’ll get an idea of the other services and you’ll be able to master them much faster. And of course it will help you to become a productive employee!

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